Exploiting parallelism in hierarchical content stores for high-speed ICN routers


The Information-centric network (ICN) is a novel architecture identifying data as a first class citizen, and caching as a prominent low-level feature. Yet, efficiently using large storage (e.g., 1TB) at line rate (e.g., 10 Gbps) is not trivial: in our previous work, we proposed an ICN router design equipped with hierarchical caches, that exploits peculiarities of the ICN traffic arrival process. In this paper, we implement this proposal in the NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD), and carry on a thorough experimental evaluation of its performance with an emulation methodology on common off the shelf hardware. Our study testifies to the interest and feasibility of the approach.

Computer Networks Journal (COMNET)
Rodrigo Mansilha
MSc 2009-2012. PhD 2012-2017